Mawazine Festival



Acknowledgments and Thanks

Ever since its creation, the Mawazine Festival, Rhythms of the World has been the essential gathering for music amateurs in Morocco with upwards of 2.5 million festival-goers attending each edition. This marvelous success has been made possible thanks to the loyalty of the public, the trust of the artists, the support of the partners and sponsors, the professionalism of the companies and firms participating in the organization, and the commitment of the teams of Maroc Cultures Association. The organizing commitee conveys their deepest gratitude to the authorities who are doing a tremendous job securing festival-goers and artists and ensuring the smooth functioning of the event.  

Administrative Departments:

  • The Ministry of Interior
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, in particular the Directorate of Consular Affairs
  • The Ministry of Culture and Communication, notably the Mohammed V National Theatre and the
  • Chellah Historical Site
  • The Ministry of Tourism
  • The Bouregreg Valley Development Agency
  • The National Airport Authority
  • The General Customs Department


Local and Regional Authorities:

  • The Wilaya of the Region of Rabat – Salé – Kenitra
  • The Municipal Council of the City of Rabat
  • The Municipal Council of the City of Salé
  • The Council of the RabatSaléKenitra Region
  • The Prefectural Council of the City of Rabat
  • The Prefectural Council of the City of Salé
  • The Technical Services of the Wilaya and of the Municipalities of Rabat and Salé
  • The Districts of Rabat and Salé


Security Services:

  • The General Directorate for National Security and particularly the Police Prefecture of Rabat– Salé –Temara – Khemisset
  • The General Directorate of Civil Defenses, particularly the Regional Command of Civil Defense of Rabat
  • The Royal Gendarmerie Services
  • The Auxiliary Forces
  • The Rabat Regional Public Health Directorat
  • The Chellah Historical Site Conservation Services.


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